Full Throttle – The Dave Cowens Interview

The player and the teams he played on are a paradox, unfairly dismissed as a bridge between the two greatest eras in franchise history, and alternately lionized for one triumphant moment, a contest so resplendent that the league’s marketing juggernaut hails Game 5 of the 1976 NBA Finals as ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’.  To pigeonhole Dave Cowens and the 1970s Boston Celtics in such a way is to do each a genuine disservice, because their decade as a whole was far more interesting than the sum of those undeniably significant parts. The timing of Cowens’ arrival in Boston was enough to make lesser men shrink from the daunting task awaiting him:  Replacing the greatest winner in the history of professional sports while simultaneously lifting a storied franchise out of its post-dynasty funk....

Running Man – The John Havlicek Interview

He was born to run, and for sixteen seasons John Havlicek was an unyielding force of perpetual motion for the Boston Celtics,breaking down defenders and NBA records alike, winning eight NBA championships first as Sixth Man extraordinaire, then as an All-Star standout in the waning years of the Russell Dynasty, and finally as an All-NBA First Team selection, NBA Finals Most Valuable Player and key protagonist in the NBA’s Greatest Game Ever Played.  Havlicek, or ‘Hondo’ to legions of adoring fans, will be forever immortalized by the most famous radio call in basketball history, but his most lasting mark is that of the indefatigable forward and undisputed leader of the NBA’s signature franchise, the quintessential running man blessed with sure hands, a quick mind and ...

Captain Fantastic – The Bob Cousy Interview

How fitting that Bob Cousy serves as point man in the  pantheon of Boston Celtic greatness, the first in a  royal lineage that includes such luminaries as Russell,  Havlicek and Bird.  His name conjures up all sorts of  imagery, from that of the show-stopping wizard whose  play earned him the moniker “Houdini of the Hardwood” to  the selfless humanitarian whose compassion continues to  be felt worldwide.  He is a pop icon, pure Americana, a  success story on the grandest of scales.  He is an  unyielding voice against racism in all of its vile,  malevolent forms.  Presidents have paid homage to his  genius on the court, and to his generosity away from  it.  Generations of cage fans have laced up their  sneakers and imagined themselves to be the incomparable  point guard from Holy Cross, def...

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